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Future POS announces new point-of-sale digital signage offering

Future POS announced today that it has added a new digital signage module to its point-of-sale offerings.

The signage module is included at no extra cost and features content scheduling, digital menu boards and a scoreboard output.

Future POS says its digital signage module is completely customizable by the end-user. It supports graphics in .JPG, .GIF and .PNG formats, and movies in MPEG 4 and animations in .SWF flash formats, the company says.

The module’s digital menu boards connect directly with the POS software, so menu changes are updated immediately, and the template menu screens are completely customizable with HTML to give the customer complete control of their menu design, the company says. The digital menu board also has the ability to pull any information uploaded in the scheduled content screens to run on a customized schedule.

The scoreboard output is for rear-facing displays and can even be used as a replacement for outside drive-thru displays, the company says. These menu screens are also completely HTML based, giving the customers complete control of their design. Scoreboards also have template layouts with the ability to feature pictures and advertisements, and will also display a live menu ring up.

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