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Forrester Research to keynote DSA webinar on mobile opportunities

The Digital Screenmedia Association has announced that it will hold a free, one-hour webinar on Oct. 18 featuring Julie Ask of Forrester Research addressing the opportunities mobile devices provide to engage consumers.

“Mobile devices are driving massive changes in the ways businesses and consumers interact,” DSA President Brian Ardinger said in the announcement. “We’re excited to have Forrester share its insight on the emerging trends affecting the digital screenmedia landscape.”

The webinar is scheduled for noon EST and is entitled “Mobile: Opportunities To Engage Consumers Throughout Their Journey.”

Ask, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, will provide the keynote presentation, discussing how mobile will be the primary digital channel to engage with consumers in the future and exploring opportunities if the development and delivery of mobile services is done well.

Ask’s focus is on e-business and channel strategy. More specifically, her research covers telecommunications and consumer mobility. She has an end-to-end understanding of consumer wireless, encompassing consumer behavior, devices, networks, carrier strategy, content, applications and mobile as a channel. Of late, Ms. Ask is spending an increasing amount of time advising clients outside of the telecommunications industry on their opportunities to deliver products and services to consumers on mobile devices.

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