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Flyte Systems digital signage expands to Hyatt

CHICAGO — Flyte Systems, a provider of airport flight information displays and digital signage content for hotels and convention centers, has announced an installation of FlyteBoard flight information displays at the Hyatt Rosemont Hotel in Rosemont, Ill. 
FlyteBoard, developed by Flyte Systems, is a wall, floor or ceiling mounted high-definition, flat panel screen which properties install in public areas to provide guests with “glance-and-go” convenience for more accurate travel planning.
“We installed FlyteBoard because it gives our guests greater confidence in their travel arrangements,” said Christian Jacoby, Hyatt Rosemont’s director of sales.  “It is a valuable amenity that helps us gain more of the guests’ wallet share. When guests check the lobby FlyteBoard and see their flight is delayed, they usually head to our outlets to relax in comfort until their new departure time.”
The Hyatt Rosemont FlyteBoard shows departure times for airlines at Chicago O’Hare International Airport and is wall-mounted adjacent to the front desk for guest convenience at checkout. 
“Virtually all our guests fly in and out of O’Hare so it makes perfect sense to provide live airline information services,” Jacoby said. “Flyte Systems’ airline information comes to the property over our existing high-speed Internet connection and the company’s installation and support are excellent.  It is a good investment.”
FlyteSystems products are configurable to display information from one or multiple airports and are often used by properties to generate increased revenue streams with innovative marketing approaches to the distressed traveler. 

digital signage expands to Hyatt