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Flypaper Studio updates digital signage content software

Flypaper Studio Inc., which makes Flash and motion graphics creation simple for digital signage networks, has announced the release of a new version of its software, with updates and new features specific for digital signagecontent creation and management.

The new features make creating and editing custom Flash and motion graphicscontent simple and quick, while allowing companies to do more internally and save money on outsourced content development cost, according to Flypaper Studio. Companies that need to create large libraries of high-quality content for digital signage networks, as well as change content on the fly, now have a software tool that accomplishes this goal very affordably, the company says.“The entire digital signage industry is facing a surge of opportunity. And at the same time (it) faces an enormous challenge to create compelling content, delivered to multiple outlets and updated on a continuous, or even real-time basis,” company foudner and president Don Pierson said. “Flypaper has answered that call with a version of our software designed specifically for digital signage.”Flypaper has added a list of key features and benefits to its newly released digital signage version:· New CSV Data Display – This new component enables any media asset, such as text, image, videos, audio, etc., to be dynamically linked to and presented in a Flypaper project in real-time. The data files and media assets can be located either within the local system or accessed through the Internet. This means media assets within a project can be changed and updated automatically without modifying the original project.· RSS Scroller – The RSS Scroller Component displays any RSS feed in a scrolling text box. Users can choose a predefined RSS feed, or define a custom feed, as well as choose the direction of movement and text styles.· Single SWF Interoperability — The Single SWF output has been adapted to play in the most popular digital signage players. Additionally, a published Single SWF no longer needs the Flash GSS to be edited in order to play, and videos are automatically converted to SWFs when publishing to a Single SWF.· Auto Save — Flypaper now automatically backs up projects to a temporary disaster-recovery file at designated time intervals of one at least one minute.In total, Flypaper added more than 30 new features and updates to existing features in its new version. The Flypaper Flash Content Creation Platform is a licensed environment where companies can easily and quickly create digital signage content. Users benefit from hundreds of available templates or create their own templates in a WYSIWYG environment. With dozens of pre-packaged Flash-based Flypaper Componentsavailable, it’s easy for anyone to add dazzling animation, sophisticated interactivity, create content that dynamically updates itself, and much more. digital signage output options include SWF and video formats (H.264, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2 and MPEG-2 TS) at any aspect ratio and at screen resolutions up to 2K Film Resolution.

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