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Experts weigh in on key digital merchandising strategies

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — digital signage Today has published an industry guide titled “Digital Merchandising,” which offers a look in to the future of multi-channel digital retail strategy.   Sponsored byEnQii, the guide provides in-depth information and thought-leadership commentary on the emergence of digital signage in retail, its role as part of a retailers cross-channel merchandising and loyalty programs, on-line, mobile marketing as transactional devices, online and in-store integration, and environment planning for digital media.
“The retail experience is changing, bringing both new innovations and challenges to the retail operator, and the great news is that it’s for the good of the customer,” said Bill Yackey, editor of digital signage Today and author of the guide. “In the digital era, retail power has been passed from the store to the shopper. With the expansion of online retailing, brick-and-mortar stores are fighting to find ways to bring customers into the store and keep them there. Digital merchandising is a critical part of the solution.”
The guide also features expert commentary from industry-leading experts across a variety of disciplines from full-service digital signage and self-service kiosk suppliers to mobile marketing and consumer research. Contributing companies are:

• EnQii • Eastwest Marketing Group • Nanonation • ADFLOW Networks• PlayNetwork • Netkey• Access360 Media • IOHI • YCD Multimedia • Remote Media • Winmate Communication• Retail Customer Experience Magazine
“All retailers want to be as good as the corner grocer was a hundred years ago; He knew all of his customers, what they wanted, and what to do to make them loyal to his store,” said Stuart Armstrong, president of EnQii Americas. “Now they have technology to do some of that. An important part of their arsenal is in-store digital signage because it gives retailers an opportunity to send messages strong enough to engage customers and enlist new desired behaviors. This is powerful, moving from a single purchase to the potential of tapping into the lifetime value of that loyal consumer.”   The guide is available as a free download from digital signage Today.   Click here to download.