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Esprit Digital installs 168 digital signage screens in Heathrow for Express train

Esprit Digital, the company who makes escalator panels for the London Underground, has just completed the installation of 168 screens into Heathrow Airport. The new full-motion digital posters are sited at eye level on escalator runs, walkways and in lifts and are designed to be seen by all passengers travelling to and from Central London on the 15-minute express service to Paddington.

In the biggest deployment of digital technology on any rail link worldwide, a combination of 22- and 32-inch portrait-oriented LCDs with built-in PCs have been housed in stylish 50mm deep stainless steel enclosures. To further increase the impact, each run of screens has the ability to synchronize content allowing images to follow the audience on their journey through the airport.

According to the contract, Esprit has designed, manufactured and installed the hardware and will be maintaining it for the next for years. The software is being provided by Fujitsu and the advertising is being sold by JCDecaux.

digital signage screens in Heathrow for Express train