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Esprida releases new, advanced remote management platform

Esprida Corp., a provider of remote device management technology, has announced the release of Esprida Enterprise 7.3, the company’s latest and most advanced remote device management platform.

Among many new features, Esprida Enterprise 7.3 provides support for the use of 3G/4G technology to provide customers with faster integration and enhanced support for their self-service, embedded and digital signage deployments, the company says.

Esprida technology enables real-time access to device intelligence. Kiosks, digital signage and embedded computers are centrally connected providing a steady stream of valuable customer and technical information to marketing and operations executives, according to a company release.
Esprida Enterprise 7.3 allows deployers of self-service and digital signage devices to efficiently and intelligently manage their devices using 3G, HSPA and LTE Networks. Integrating the latest version of JBoss, the world’s number one Java application server, this advanced platform is able to support more devices on less hardware and integrate devices even faster.

In its latest version, Esprida introduces real-time dashboards, business analytics reports, white-label rebranding, and faster performance. It also provides enhanced security with all communications encrypted using VeriSign Extended Validation, the same encryption methods used in online banking applications.

“3G/4G connectivity is becoming increasingly popular for companies to connect equipment, and increase service efficiencies for the support of remote devices,” said Anila Jobanputra, president and founder of Esprida. “That’s why we have designed Esprida Enterprise 7.3 to run through cellular communication channels. Our customers have played a key role on our roadmap, to deploy the most advanced remote device management solution in the industry.”