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Ernst & Young digital-messaging channel goes national

MANCHESTER, U.K. — Leading professional services company Ernst & Young is extending its multimedia-communications channel into all U.K. offices, improving internal communications and creating a single corporate identity for the business in England, Scotland and Wales. The Digital Messaging news service utilizes Connectvision software from Saturn Communications Group, which delivers multimedia messaging to plasma screens in each office.  Available at the two offices in London as well as in Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Reading, Leeds, and shortly Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen and Inverness, Digital Messaging carries national corporate news, as well as local news for each office and the business teams spread across multiple offices. When the network rollout is complete, the Digital Messaging news channel will reach over 10,000 Ernst & Young employees. Ernst & Young began using Connectvision in 2004 at its U.K. headquarters in London. Based on a mix of text, video and flash multimedia, Digital Messaging has evolved to become a key communications tool for keeping employees up to date with corporate developments and Ernst & Young’s professional services ethos. Connectvision allows Digital Messaging schedules to be developed delivering everything from simple text messages such as timesheet reminders on Thursdays, interspersed with reports of Ernst & Young in the news, training videos and sponsorship activities. Schedules and content are created by communications professionals within each business unit for delivering messages to specific audiences both locally and nationally. Information can be zoned, enabling the content to be customized to a single screen, a cluster of screens or all screens across the business if required. “Digital Messaging cuts through the noise of everyday office communications where e-mails can be over-looked in a busy inbox. The content changes frequently so there is always something new and relevant to be aware of,” said Jenny Moss, senior manager of internal communications for Ernst & Young.