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EnQii chooses Zoom Digital as its digital signage metrics partner

HONG KONG — EnQii, one of the world’s largest digital screen networks and content providers, announced today that it is partnering with Zoom Digital for its audience metrics needs in Asia.

The partnership was launched at the ICSC exhibition in Macau and EnQii and Zoom Digital are now engaged with a variety of retailers and mall owners in delivering customizable solutions to meet their business needs.

“Zoom Digital has full OVAB compliance, which demonstrates that we take seriously the need for common industry standards and are committed to an open, transparent and best-in-class solution,” said Valentina Tudose, Zoom Digital business director. “OVAB has worked with some of the biggest names in the media business to create a new industry standard that is helpful to both media buyers and sellers, as it establishes common ground upon which to value the new digital media and provides a basis for price and performance comparison. By creating an on-going framework that allows comparison between new digital media and other established reporting systems, media folk now have better tools to plan complete, integrated campaigns.”

Zoom Digital said it welcomes this initiative, as it allows media owners to compare both the performance of their media offering with the rest of the marketplace as well as setting standards for metrics provision that will ensure that the digital medium will attract its rightful share of media budgets.

“We actually go beyond today’s OVAB requirements and already meet their next phase, the ability to evaluate specific content,” Tudose said. “In keeping with our full compliance, we have standard operational practices that are open to audit, as are our quality control procedures.”

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