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Eleven OVAB member networks complete research using audience metric guidelines

OVAB today announced that eleven of its member networks have completed third party audience research studies based on the Audience Metrics Guidelines published by OVAB in 2008. In accordance with the Guidelines, these members have completed and submitted OVAB Audience Metrics Guidelines Disclosure Forms which outline how their audience research was conducted. These forms are available for download here.

Completed Disclosure Forms are available for the following OVAB members.

• Access 360 Media • Adspace Digital Mall Network • Buzztime • Captivate Network • CBS Outernet • Channel M • indoorDirect • Premier Retail Networks • RMG • Target Channel Red • Zoom Media & Marketing

As the individual networks release their data to the market, OVAB will conduct educational training seminars and meetings for agencies and advertisers to further educate them on what this move to audience research data means to them.

The OVAB Audience Metrics Guidelines are a rule book for digital and video place based advertising networks and their research providers to follow in order to capture comparable audience data that will allow the advertising community to compare their audience data to that of other media platforms (like TV, internet, radio, etc.). They were released in October 2008 at the Digital Media Summit in New York.

Suzanne La Forgia, president of OVAB, said: 

This announcement marks a significant shift as a large group of networks made the investment to move beyond traffic measures as their media currency to data based on audience impressions. Their data will give advertising decision makers the information they need to compare them with other traditional forms like television, the Internet and print. OVAB companies are releasing their data to their key agency and advertising partners now and will continue to over the next several months. We look forward to more announcements like this as more research studies are completed.