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EIKI's .advancedMethod adds two channel sales managers

SEATTLE, Wash. — Seattle-based .advancedMethod has announced that Keith Sawka has been appointed director of distribution channel sales for North America.  Sawka has been with .advancedMethod since the company’s founding in 2002, working his way through sales, first helping to develop markets for the company’s eHotel Tours (responsible for over 1,000 installations), then Web development services and all other .advancedMethod products. 
In early 2008, Sawka was asked to come onboard the newly developing the express digital signage system team. He began as the company’s representative to their early distribution partners; The digital signage Group and EIKI International. Having demonstrated an immediate ability to grasp the distribution side of the business, combined with his knowledge of the express product from the earliest days of its development, Sawka was subsequently asked to lead distribution channel sales for all of North America.
Keith Sawka will report directly to Robert Grawet, general manager of .advancedMethod, a division of EIKI Digital Systems Inc. 
At .advancedMethod’s St. Louis office, Eric Johnson has been appointed director of business development for Express Channel Sales. In this position Johnson will lead webinars and Web demo charges as the company further develops business. Johnson will also help the company develop an increasing dealer presence in the Eastern United States by visiting many dealers on a direct basis. Eric Johnson was a founder of .advancedMethod and set up the company’s St. Louis office, all the while helping develop the extremely successful eVideo product. 
The EIKI Digital and .advancedMethod team members have unique backgrounds having worked with Apple, Smart Technologies, EIKI International, Packard Bell Computers and Adobe.