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Eiki Digital now selling .advancedMethod digital signage package

SEATTLE, Wash. — Eiki Digital Systems and .advancedMethod of Seattle have started shipping their first digital signage product, Express. This hardware and software kit makes it easier for people to put up digital signs.
Eiki Express players are already running in many locations including Silver Cloud and Crowne Plaza Hotels, AT&T and several bank chains. Distributors and dealers are now officially selling Express to everyone from small mom-and-pop stores to big box retailers.
“We just made simple everything that was hard for users to get started,” said Robert Grawet, managing director of Eiki Digital Systems. “We put together in one box the software, player, online management tools, monitoring services, templates, free content, web hosting, and tried to take out all the problems.”
“We have been encouraging .advancedMethod for almost a year and a half to build this product,” said Jill Miller, president of The digital signage Group, a digital signage distributor. “Their acquisition by Eiki allowed them to do it. I see the market really wants this solution.”

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