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Dynasign, Panasonic announces digital signage package partnership

SECAUCUS, N.J. —  Panasonic Professional Display Company, a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, and Dynasign, a digital signage content management software developer and service provider, have partnered together to bring an integrated, all-in-one digital signage solution for a wide range of environments, including schools and universities; restaurant and hospitality; retail; healthcare; and corporate communications.
The partnership kicks off with special packages that include a choice of a 42-, 50-, 58-, 65- or 103-inch Panasonic Professional HD Plasma and a plug-in PC board loaded with Dynasign Player licensed software. For a limited time, Dynasign is offering purchasers a free 30-day trial to the Dynasign Online remote content management platform.
The scalable system supports multi-screen configuration and a flexible screen layout with multi-zones for video, image, Flash, ticker and live feed template for displaying RSS/XML, TV channel, text messaging, weather, news, and other relevant data. A web-based remote content management interface, with customizable hierarchical content channels and advanced user access control, displays desired content on screens throughout the network. The package provides enhanced panel controls via integrated RS-232 managed remotely through Dynasign Online. An optional touchscreen is available for interactive applications.
An onboard remote screen management system provides scheduled on/off, volume, brightness, multi-display, and more. Real time system status monitors components like media player status, system alert email notification, and playback reports for ad content, to name a few. Additionally, support for wired, wireless and 3G mobile networks is included.
“Our new partnership with Dynasign reinforces the fact that an integrated digital signage network, when deployed properly and with the right tools, can be a powerful messaging medium, for a wide range of environments,” said Andrew Nelkin, president of Panasonic Professional Display Company. “We’re excited to be partners with Dynasign in developing this new digital signage package, and believe it will help customers see that this robust new system has capabilities that can help improve communications and messaging in their businesses, while contributing to the bottom line as a cost-effective, comprehensive solution.”

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