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Dynasign integrates CognoVision audience measurement technology

FREMONT, Calif. — Dynasign Corp., a provider of digital signage software solutions, and CognoVision Solutions Inc., a provider of real-time audience measurement and targeted marketing solutions, have announced a partnership whereby CognoVision technology will power the new Dynasign Audience Measurement system.

CognoVision’s Anonymous Impression Metric (AIM) technology uses face-detection and people counting technology to measure the effectiveness of digital signage, and enables real-time content targeting based on audience characteristics, allowing for truly measured and targeted delivery of media. The system has been designed to completely respect privacy — no personally identifiable information is ever collected, and no images are ever recorded.

The integrated offering provides Dynasign’s existing and new clients with the ability to understand viewer counts, time spent watching and demographics all in real-time — this information allows for improved media planning and targeted marketing. AIM also enables Dynasign’s system to adapt content according to audience characteristics in real-time.

“Integrating with CognoVision adds a new degree of intelligence to our platform,” said Alex P. Wang, president of Dynasign. “Our customers will be able to improve the effectiveness of their communication efforts as they better understand how people watch their screens.”