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Dynamax, Titan roll out large DOOH screens in Ireland

BLACKBURN, U.K. — Dynamax Technologies Ltd., a provider of digital signage solutions, has announced its involvement in the successful launch of TITANVision’s first large digital out-of-home screens. The unique, sculpture like screens are driven by Dynamax’s flagship POV scheduling and broadcasting software.

TitanVision’s initial rollout in Dublin is for four key terminals — Connolly Station, Pearse Street Station, Heuston Station and BusÁras. Phase two will see further screens developed for stations right across Ireland, including Cork, Galway, Limerick and large key Dart and commuter stations in Dublin.

“This bold venture will catapult Dublin into the forefront of digital signage venues, and ensure Titan remains at the forefront of DOOH advertising,” said Ian McKenzie, Dynamax chief executive. “We are delighted to have been able to work with Titan Ireland and build upon our experiences and successes with Titan UK. This new project is an industry inspiration which will set new standards for the future of digital billboards.”

“It’s an exciting development for Titan in Ireland, particularly given the current climate,” said Titan CEO James Barry. “Titan is evolving in the outdoor industry with significant investments in new digital formats both here, in the U.K. and the USA. Delivering the valuable commuter audience to advertisers is what we are about and finding new and innovative ways to do this is part of the company’s vision.”

The screens will broadcast 18 hours a day with a mixture of editorial content from Sky combining news, sports, business and entertainment information alongside advertising.

The screens are designed using cutting edge LED technology from Nichia Corp, a manufacturer of LEDs, which employs a direct digital drive system with individual pixel addressing.