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Dynamax powers Simage digital signage bar network

CHICAGO — Having launched in January this year, Simage is now delivering its dynamic Custom TV to a wide range of bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The company chose to use Dynamax Technologies’ flagship POV software as the platform to enable content scheduling, reporting and management across networks.

Recognizing that normal TV channels in bar environments are somewhat limited, Simage created Custom TV, designed specifically to meet the dynamic needs of bar, restaurant and nightclub owners.

Currently the majority of existing Simage network customers are in the Chicago area, however they predict that by the end of the year they will be delivering unique brand-centric and local content to over 500 bars, restaurants and nightclubs across the US.

“People go to bars to have fun, be with friends and meet with other people; they don’t go there to interact with machines — particularly as they have probably been doing that all day,” said Tom Simonds, CEO at Simage.

Simonds suggests that the generation of people who frequent bars are 21 to 34 and as these people communicate differently, advertisers need to find a way of engaging with them at their own level.

“This younger generation is more educated, yet more in debt than their previous generation, they may be aching for independence but they are more peer-orientated,” he said. “Computers and mobile phones are second nature to them and they are seeking more fun and stimulation than older customers. They will be texting, doing Web searches, and calling up friends to join them while they are out eating and drinking. Hence those bar owners who keep up with these behavioral changes will be the ones with the most profitable customers.”

Simage believes in a simplified offering for its clients — it designs custom ads, creates custom playlists, installs, maintains and upgrades networks — leaving clients to run their businesses and generate profit.

“Simage has a great ad-driven business model which is focused on enabling clients to generate both buzz and profit for their business,” said Tom Nix, vice president and general manager, Dynamax Technologies. “After evaluating a variety of different digital signage software products Simage elected to use Dynamax’s flagship POV to underpin their offering because it offered them a solid framework for managing their network growth.”

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