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Dynamax introduces Microsoft Silverlight-based interface for digital signage

NEW YORK — Dynamax has announced a key Silverlight add-on to its digital signage software application.

The stand-alone product was specifically engineered to serve as a rich media add-on to the company’s digital signage software application, POVNG. When added to the solution, the Silverlight-based interface provides users with immediate access to POVNG, and its full complement of digital signage network management features, remotely via any standard Web browser.

The new interface was designed exclusively using Microsoft Silverlight, a programmable Web browser plug-in that enables high-end, interactive features, such as animations, vector graphics, and audio-video streaming, typically found in rich-media Internet applications. Released in October of 2008, the most recent edition of the technology, Silverlight 2 offers a media-rich experience, and compatibility with PCs and Intel-based MAC OS X systems.

“Dynamax Technologies’ new stand-alone Silverlight-based user interface takes digital signage content management software to the next level by facilitating simple, easy-to-use, and remote access to POVNG player features and functionality from anywhere in the world,” said Howard D. Smith, director and chief technology officer of Dynamax Technologies Ltd. “Because of its roots in and incorporation of best-of-breed rich media elements, this new product represents the future of user interfaces within out-of-home media applications, and the next wave of technology for remotely managing digital signage networks.”

Worldwide adoption of Silverlight continues to gain traction among developers, with market penetration in the U.S. at more than 30 percent, and in some companies at almost 50 percent. The Silverlight developer community ecosystem is also growing, and now includes more than 150 partners and tens of thousands of applications on the market today.

During the 17 days of the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China,, NBC Sports’ dedicated Olympic Web site powered by Silverlight, hosted more than 50 million unique visitors, resulting in 1.3 billion page views, 70 million video streams, and 600 million minutes of video watched. In addition, the technology increased the average user’s time on the site from three to 27 minutes. Broadcasters in France (France Televisions SA), the Netherlands (NOS), Russia ( and Italy (RAI) also chose Silverlight to deliver Olympics coverage online. In addition, leading companies such as CBS College Sports, Blockbuster, Hard Rock Cafe, Yahoo! Japan, AOL, Toyota, HSN, and Tencent are building their next-generation online experiences using Silverlight.

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