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DT Research advances digital signage system with proximity advertising

NEW YORK — DT Research Inc. announced the immediate availability of the WebDT Event Trigger digital signage System. This system extends current interactive digital signage capabilities from touchscreens to events that occur in close proximity.
The system detects when a customer picks up a product, walks up to a product display or enters a demo zone. This motion triggers a multimedia advertisement or product information to begin playing on a nearby digital sign. One of the leading U.S. mobile operators is currently piloting the system in nearly 100 stores across the country.
The WebDT Event Trigger digital signage System offers significant benefits to retailers, hospitality companies and consumers. Consumers immediately receive pertinent information about a product that they are interested in without having to find a sales person, wait in line or leave the store to conduct research online. Retailers and hospitality companies are able to provide timely, high-quality customer service without adding sales staff. Ultimately, the system speeds up sales processes by providing customers immediate, accurate and up-to-date information about products they are considering buying — at the point-of-purchase.
In-store advertising has shown to have a significant affect on consumer purchasing behavior. A recent study conducted by Nielsen Media Research that examined in-store media showed that 68 percent of consumers would be swayed in their product purchasing decisions by in-store messages, while another 44 percent said they would swap a product they had planned to buy for one advertised on the network.
“Today’s consumers want to be well-informed about the products they purchase,” said Dr. Daw Tsai, president of DT Research. “Multimedia content delivered on digital signs is one of the most compelling ways to educate consumers in-store and speed up the sales cycle. This new system adds the ability to use both proximity and touchscreen prompts from customers to deliver the information that they want and helps bridge the gap between non-targeted advertising and product education.”
The WebDT Event Trigger digital signage System includes the following hardware and software components.
SA1008-140 Signage Appliance — A compact signage appliance that weighs only 1.2 lbs and is compatible with a wide range of displays. The device runs the Microsoft Windows XP Embedded operating system and includes four USB ports and eight trigger ports to activate selected content to display on a screen.
WebDT Content Manager — A browser-based application that manages content scheduling and distribution, including device grouping, playlist creation, multi-zone preset and customizable templates, ticker feeds, reporting, auto-recovery and general system administrator functions. A virtual on-screen keyboard is easy to read with two size options. Store managers can pick content from a list to be displayed when signaled by the trigger point. Unlike other content management applications, the WebDT Content Manager is easy to use and requires minimal, often self-guided, training.
WebDT Device Manager — All computing displays can be remotely monitored and controlled from any location that has network/Internet access, ensuring optimal uptime and issue resolution. Installation of operating systems and applications can be administered remotely. Unique auto-recovery functionality restarts the system without onsite manual intervention.

digital signage system with proximity advertising