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DSE Super Session to focus on DOOH, feature OVAB, Intel

digital signage Expo (DSE) will kick off its 2010 Expo and Conference Program with a forward-looking Super Session Panel entitled “Digital Out-of-Home’s Future.”

The Opening Session Panel will be on Wednesday, Feb. 24, from 8:00-9:00 a.m., the first morning of the show’s two-day run. Speakers will discuss what to expect in digital out-of-home (DOOH) industry growth, the direction the technology is taking at retail, an overview and future look at DOOH advertising networks, and new developments on which those in the industry should be prepared to capitalize.

Speakers featured on the opening session panel include:

• OVAB’s president & CEO, Suzanne La Forgia • Intel Corporation’s director of digital signage, Jose Avalos • Dynamic Retailing, LLC’s president, Michael Hiatt

Chris Gibbs, president of ExpoNation LLC, which produces DSE, said:

We are always excited to have the opportunity to provide information that will help those who do business in this industry grow their businesses. The digital out-of-home segment of our industry is growing so rapidly that brand marketers, advertisers, bankers, educators, retailers, hoteliers, restaurant, theater, network operators, healthcare, business professionals and so many others in both the public and private sectors all need to know what is coming next, what changes are most likely to impact them, and where to find growth opportunities from which they can benefit.