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DSE: New DT Research tool facilitates emergency messaging

LAS VEGAS — DT Research Inc. today announced the availability of WebDT Content Manager 3.0, which includes the WebDT SimulCAST software that allows the real-time broadcast of emergency messages to digital signs and networked computers. Using a secure online portal, network administrators can access the system via a computer or mobile phone to quickly update and transmit messages that are crucial in emergency situations. This solution complements existing SMS and voice broadcast technologies already deployed in many campuses across the country. With WebDT SimulCAST, emergency information can be delivered within schools, medical facilities and corporate buildings in a visual format that contains more detailed safety information than traditional emergency broadcast systems today. WebDT SimulCAST overrides scheduled content on screens for emergency communications. In addition, the system allows for content to be pre-loaded onto networked digital signs, desktops and laptops. By creating situational procedure templates, network administrators can enable content to be displayed instantaneously on each sign and computer screen during emergencies. This functionality is especially important in educational institutions as well as large corporate buildings where dissemination of urgent, detailed communications to a dispersed audience is essential. The WebDT Content Manager 3.0 provides new functionalities that improve the ultimate usability of content management, including the ability to create ticker zones of any size anywhere within the screen as well as support for static text and real-time information through RSS feeds. Administrators can more efficiently edit playlists and create a “Combolist” to link or embed multiple playlists for quick scheduling of recurring content. Additionally, administrators can also remotely update firmware, software and turn appliances on or off. The WebDT Content Manager 3.0 adds new support for the WebDT Edge Server Appliance.  As more digital signage players are added to a digital signage network, existing bandwidth and system resources can be overwhelmed. Increased latency in the uploading of content is another indication that resources need to be reconfigured or reallocated. The WebDT Edge Server Appliance greatly resolves this problem by segmenting all connections. It lets administrators scale up or redistribute access to each WebDT Signage Appliance without dismantling the current deployment.

Administrators can add additional WebDT Edge Server Appliances and reallocate existing appliances to match changes in the flow of traffic among different sites and ensure the network’s reliability. For instance — if a remote site can only be configured with a cellular phone wireless connection — instead of having all WebDT Signage Appliances connect to a central WebDT Content Manager Server separately, a single WebDT Edge Server Appliance can be placed locally as a depository of multimedia content.