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DSE: MediaTile launches 'Return On Message' methodology

LAS VEGAS — MediaTile, provider of cellular digital signage solutions, today launched its “Return On Message” (ROM) Methodology, which will effectively measure and optimize the impact of digital signage content, at the digital signage Expo. Based on best practices established by the independent digital signage Association, it delivers a standards-based system that will guide companies through the complex variables which must be considered for successful digital signage deployment. The company plans on integrating these elements directly into its Mediacast content delivery and management system to simplify and automate the process of delivering highly relevant content for viewers.

“Our Return On Message system answers the fundamental question of how to effectively measure and improve the impact of digital signage,” said Simon Wilson, chief executive of The MediaTile Company. “Using the ROM Methodology, brands, retailers, ad agencies and corporate communication teams can now easily define and implement a content strategy that increases the success of any digital signage network.”

The ROM System is a process methodology that shows the critical difference between status quo communications and a highly optimized digital signage network. The resulting ROM Report includes a “ROM Content Index,” which is built on core elements as defined by the digital signage Association’s Content Best Practices Committee. These include more than 50 key variables in seven categories: Content, Relevancy, Interaction, Schedule, Placement, Refresh and Attraction.

To ensure Digital Sign Optimization (DSO), the ROM Methodology incorporates a “ROM Viewer Metrics” report which analyzes absolute proof-points for achieving optimal performance. This is measured through on-site observational and intercept studies, Mediacast software, and other impact measurement criteria. For example, in-store impact measurement can include POS data such as product sales uplift, category uplift, tie-ins, product turns and other salient and pre-defined retail criteria. The data is then correlated directly to the ROM Content Index.

MediaTile also announced that key elements of the ROM Index will be added directly into Mediacast 4.0, its SaaS-based content delivery and management system. “By incorporating elements of the ROM Index directly into our Web-based management system, our customers will have the innate ability to automatically optimize playlists for particular viewing audiences,” said Mike Foster, senior vice president of marketing for MediaTile. “This will dramatically simplify the process of managing content and creating highly relevant playlists on a display-by-display basis.”