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DSE: IAdea demonstrates open-standards based media player

LAS VEGAS — IAdea, maker of digital signage media players, is demonstrating its flagship XMP-300 Full-HD Open API Media Player at the 2009 digital signage Expo in Las Vegas. The XMP series device enables cross-device SMIL compatibility to accommodate multiple signage applications and solutions. Devices on exhibit in the annual tradeshow include the upcoming XMP-200 standard-definition media player and an 8-inch digital mini signboard, all featuring W3C open standard SMIL compatibility.

SMIL Open API allows system integrators to quickly program the behavior of a digital signage system using XML scripts. A SMIL script is a dynamic playlist instructing a media player to play back audio, video, graphics, and text crawls in designated regions of the screen. Simple loops, parallel scheduling and prioritized insertions can be pre-programmed to a fixed wall-clock time or instantaneously triggered by external network events. SMIL is also well suited to mixed-mode streaming and cached playback, providing flexibility as well as robustness adaptable to network conditions.

A number of digital signage software packages have been developed to work with any SMIL-compliant digital signage media player. Adfotain Manager Express software is a full-fledged signage application utilizing SMIL. Featuring a familiar Windows-based application interface, users can easily manage multiple media players on a local area network. Users can schedule playback loops or weekly schedules using familiar drag-and-drop operations, and save them as templates for reuse. The IAdea Bridge Server enables participating legacy digital signage network management systems to work with any SMIL device by dynamically translating between proprietary protocols and the Open API.