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DSE Day One: Wireless Ronin taps NEC, Philips for screens

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. — With prime booth position right by the entrance, Wireless Ronin was poised for attention on the first day of digital signage Expo East, and that’s exactly what they got.

Maybe it was the 82-inch newly-releasedfull-HD NEC screen on display at the booth. The MultiSync LCD8205 has 600 cd/m² brightness for viewing in bright rooms and a 5000:1 contrast. The screen also has 178-degree viewing angle for off-axis viewing, which is crucial in public settings where viewers are often viewing from the side. Wireless Ronin is one of the first companies offering digital signage packages using the 82-inch LCD.

Those walking around the side of the screen might have also noticed an all-new 3D screen from Philips, based on the company’s WOWvx technology. 3D content on the screen was powered by Wireless Ronin’s Ronincast software.
The screen is an updated version of previous 3D efforts, with improved brightness, viewing angle, and most importantly, the ability to play both 2D and 3D content without any alterations to the screen.
According to Larry Blaney, SVP of Wireless Ronin, Philips incorporated a shutter inside the screen which has the ability to turn on and off according to which type of content is to be run. An embedded file format system determines whether 2D or 3D content is scheduled.
3D content usually runs exclusively on a 3D screen, but since the Philips screen supports both formats, Wireless Ronin’s RoninCast software was used to allow scheduling of both formats.
“What is unique is that RoninCast is able to push 3D content over our network,” Blaney said. “Usually 3D files sizes are very large, but we can encrypt it and send it over the network, allowing users to be able to schedule 3D content into their playlists.”