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DSE: Black Box introduces IP and coax RF distribution tools

Black Box has announced the introduction of MediaCento, a new line of solutions designed to reduce the cost of distributing media to digital signage in large buildings.

The plug-and-play hardware solutions, which made their debut at digital signage Expo 2010 in Las Vegas, Feb. 24-25, include:

MediaCento IP, which uses video-over-IP technology to distribute HD video and audio over an existing LAN (or a qualified WAN). According to a press release, a single transmitter can deliver 1080p media — including Flash, DVD and HDMI video content — at Gigabit speeds over CAT5e or CAT6 to an unlimited number of digital displays. By leveraging existing TCP/IP network connections to distribute multimedia content, businesses and organizations can avoid running expensive dedicated links from a back room to digital signage in lobbies or other public areas, the company said.

MediaCento RF, which uses low-cost coax cabling to broadcast video and audio to one or more HDTV screens. Supporting both VGA and component video source input, the MediaCento RF encodes and modulates signals for single-channel RF transmission over existing coax wiring. Also, the HDTV’s QAM tuner enables the reception of the MediaCento channel, so no set-top box or other piece of hardware is required at the digital signage screen. The channel can even be combined with 133 other HDTV channels for broadcast to rooms throughout a hotel, hospital or other building.