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Doohstuff offering aerial clips of World Cup stadia

Doohstuff, an online content provider for digital signage, extended its content offer with HD aerial clips of the ten soccer World Cup 2010 stadia in South Africa, according to the company.
The digital signage industry needs impressive content, and these clips will raise impact on screens, the company says.
‘It is all about impact. Creative use of content and technology will gain impact. That is what our industry is about, impact. These wonderful WC soccer venue clips will definitely raise impact on every screen worldwide,” said Piet Hein Goossens, managing director of Doohstuff. “We soon hope to announce more impact to be found at Because the more impact shown on screens, the easier advertising companies will buy airtime in our industry, the sooner our industry will grow into maturity.”

Doohstuff delivers the 30-second HD aerial clips in a standard template with the name of the stadium, the capacity of it and a specific game played in it. The clips are also available without the template as raw material.