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DOOH firm rVue inks deal with OOH firm Billups Worldwide

Digital out-of-home platform firm rVue Inc. recently announced a strategic partnership with Billups Worldwide, an independent out-of-home media communications shop with offices in 13 cities nationally, for their OOH media planning needs. Through this alliance, rVue will integrate its DOOH Demand Side Platform (DSP) into the Billups Out-Of-Home Management Application (BOOHMA) technology solution.

The rVue DSP will effectively serve as the front-end of Billups’ BOOHMA software platform for major advertising agencies to connect to the rVue DOOH ad trading desk and its underlying digital signage advertising inventory. Billups Worldwide will have preferred-partner status for rVue referrals of DOOH advertising clients. rVue will provide direct, ongoing support to Billups Worldwide’s ad planning and buying teams.

“This partnership strategically integrates the rVue and the Billups technology platforms to benefit both advertisers and the out-of-home — and digital out-of-home — industries,” rVUE CEO and President Jason Kates said in the announcement. “This will allow rVue to remain focused on our vision of enabling agencies and advertisers greater access to the growing DOOH marketplace, while expanding our reach into top-tier agencies and advertisers. We are very excited about the opportunities we see in partnering with a premier media services firm like Billups Worldwide … Buyers are provided with an integrated traditional and Digital Out-Of-home solution, easing their planning and purchasing, while our network partners receive additional exposure to advertisers — a true win for all parties.”

“The Billups organization and our clients have a growing need to efficiently integrate DOOH into media plans and purchases, and in our view, this partnership with rVue establishes Billups Worldwide as a leader in the DOOH media space,” said Benjamin Billups, CEO of Billups Worldwide. “Through integration with the rVue platform, Billups Worldwide will gain unparalleled insight and expertise in all aspects of DOOH ad planning, buying and execution, and with the use of rVue’s cutting-edge interactive tools, our team can focus on what we do best — client service, creative planning and meticulous stewardship of advertising campaigns for our agency and brand partners.”

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