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Digital View's digital signage media player gets high definition upgrade

MORGAN HILL, Calif. — Digital View, the digital signage and retail media specialist, has added a high definition 1080P/60 network media player to its solid state digital signage media player family. The Remote Player 500 is a digital video and digital audio player designed for reliability, with full support for playlist scheduling and cost effective remote networking. Running off compact flash memory, the Linux-based player supports all major HD video compression formats (MPEG4, WMV & AVI) and professional digital audio.

Digital View made its name in the digital signage market with its solid state Remote Player 300 box, the ‘steel backbone’ of many digital out-of-home networks, including CBS Outdoor’s Digital Escalator Posters in the London Underground, the Life Channel’s Community Network, Simply Media’s Salon Network and Pharmacy Channel’s Pharmacy TV. The new Remote Player 500 offers the same host of features specifically targeted to digital out-of-home, digital menu board, interactive merchandising and digital advertising and billboard applications.

The Remote Player 500 supports crystal clear video playback with full playlist scheduling and control. The media players synchronize together to enable multi-screen implementations, it offers local interactivity options (such as button, touch screen and motion sensor interfaces) and its Linux operating system ensures trouble-free stability.
The RP-500 is supplied with a free networking utility for FTP content update and on-line playlist control.  For custom Web interfaces and more complex content management system support – Digital View has partnered with software specialists Delivering Digital Ltd.

digital signage media player gets high definition upgrade