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Digital UK adds i-design's atmAd digital signage network to promote ‘switchover awareness'

Digital UK, the not-for-profit company leading the UK’s switchover to digital TV, announced that it has enhanced its advertising campaign with targeted messages on i-design’s self-service marketing platform, atmAd. The region-specific campaigns will run alongside existing TV, press, outdoor and radio ads to raise local awareness of specific switchover dates, which vary by region.
The atmAd network is carrying location and date-tailored adverts ahead of the switchover, which is taking place region by region until 2012. The inclusion of cash machines began with a targeted campaign to enhance the message reach in North Scotland where other media, including lamp post banners and local radio was also running. The effectiveness of atmAd within the schedule has led to new activity being rolled out in the Mendip region where, over the next ten months, the campaign will reach a projected gross audience of 1.1 million.
“We are keen to use innovative media that enhances the reach and message cut through of our campaign,” said Stephen Fuller of Digital UK. “In atmAd we have a digital platform that can be tailored and segmented to deliver our message one-to-one, at a local level.”

digital signage network to promote ‘switchover awareness'