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Digital Signage Technology Summit Day One focuses on growth

iSuppli analyst Sanju Khatri speaks at the Strategy Institute Summit on Monday.

LAS VEGAS – digital signage is growing, and the industry is becoming more refined. That was the message from Day One of the Strategy Institute digital signage Technology Summit.

Sanju Khatri, a principal analyst of projection and large screen displays with iSuppli, reported that the digital signage industry was a $2.5 billion field in 2007, and she predicted it will reach more than $4 billion by 2011.

Kahtri conducted a research report in March on the display hardware section of the market and reported several of her findings during the afternoon session. She said retailers are finding that traditional static signage isn’t working the way it used to and that they are using digital signage to deliver a timely message to their customers. Most of this is due to the younger demographic coming of age, which relates more with alternative media.

Measurement, a topic that was touched on but not heavily discussed, is what is holding the out-of-home display industry back, according to Khatri.

“Brands and advertisers are looking for an ROI and sales uplift,” she said. “But that measurement hasn’t happened yet.”

digital signage Technology Summit Day One focuses on growth