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Digital signage provides 20 percent sales increase for PDM

SYDNEY, Australia — PDM and Sigma announced research results demonstrating the effectiveness of the Wellbeing in-store out-of-home digital media network. The research shows a sales increase of up to 20 percent against comparable stores who do not display the digital media advertising.
The month-long research, which combines work by Galaxy Research and Sigma audited point-of-sale data, compared two products (Hydralyte and Blackmores Women’s Vitality) in four pharmacies year-on-year, month-on-month and like-for-like stores.
The pharmacies selected to carry out the research were spread geographically across Australia. No additional point-of-sale promotions or catalogs were placed in the pharmacies for the two products participating in the research.
“We have been trialling our latest Hydralyte campaign in-store at four Sigma pharmacies on PDM’s Wellbeing Network for the past two months,” said David Spaulding, chief executive of Hydration Pharmaceuticals. “We are impressed with the impact this has had on customers. The increase in sales of Hydralyte in the participating pharmacies is 20 percent greater than non-participating pharmacies for the same period.”
Sigma and PDM are among the first companies in Australia to release tangible research about the effects of digital media advertising in Australian pharmacies.
“PDM are pleased with our recent research findings carried out in the Sigma pharmacies,” said Jon Marshall, PDM and Wellbeing network manager. “There is now a strong body of evidence from numerous studies both in Australia and internationally that support the media platform as a valid and effective way of engaging consumers at point-of-purchase. We can prove that pharmacy visitors are seeing the screens, recalling the advertising and responding to the messages.”
PDM’s Wellbeing network is featured across Sigma pharmacies Australia-wide.

digital signage provides 20 percent sales increase for PDM