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Digital signage on the horizon at Colmore Plaza

BIRMINGHAM, England — Arcstream AV was contracted to install a dgital signage system to give the Colmore Plaza’s glass atrium more “wow-factor.” The reception area features a large oak wall and 12 42-inch Infinite Plasma screens from specialist UK distributor PSCo. These screens are integrated into the stylish panelling in an 12 by one format, creating a dramatic focal point.
Specially made content had to be created for the unusual horizon format, with pioneering image processing needed to generate images that fit the elongated shape.

“This configuration has never been used before so it was certainly a learning curve,” said graphic designer Gareth Evans. “The format enables four times the resolution of cinema when it comes to width and no video cameras can even shoot in a resolution this high. It took a lot of time to ensure the resolution was high enough and render the images to suit the screens’ unusual letterbox shape.”

“We had no previous work to refer to because this is the first time anyone has attempted to create content for this scale,” said Neil Dickinson, managing director of Arcstream AV. “We even had to use three screens in PSCo’s demo room to preview the material and make sure it would work.”

The design and construction of the thirteen-story, 320,000 sq. ft. building aims to provide contemporary, premium office space within the city centre using state of the art technology and facilities. Custom-made brackets had to be specially designed and were integrated into the wooden wall five months before the screens were installed, meaning the accuracy of the installation needed to be perfect in order to slide the screens into the display without any gaps or protrusion.

We applied a bit more vision and sought another bespoke AV solution that would entertain, be cutting edge, inform and delight in equal measure,” said Peter Graham, construction director at Abstract. “Arcstream immediately understood the imagination being sought and the technical application required.”

Arcstream AV worked closely with the property developers to provide the right solution, opting for the seamless plasma technology over projection alternatives due to the high ambient light environment in the foyer. The new generation of Infinite Plasma features improved brightness, contrast and a special anti-reflective coating, ensuring immaculate image quality, even in the building’s bright entrance hall.

The screens allow communication of marketing messages with high resolution imagery and a seam gap of less than 4mm. The technology allows the Colmore Plaza and their clients to utilise the display for promotional messages, special conferences and events.
“The banner plasma adds an air of mystery to our foyer and some contemporary technical chic, it can even influences moods, and will certainly enhance the visitor experience to the property and stay with them beyond,” Graham said.

digital signage on the horizon at Colmore Plaza