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Digital signage comes to Navy tech provider

CONCORD, Ontario — Omnivex Corp., provider of enterprise software for digital signage networks, announced that NAVSEA in Washington, D.C., is deploying Omnivex software on digital signage displays throughout its headquarters. NAVSEA is responsible for developing, delivering and maintaining ships and systems for the U.S. Navy. With the Omnivex digital signage platform, NAVSEA command information is transformed into multimedia content that is consumed by the workforce. The content is presented on a system of large LCD displays placed in high-traffic locations. “We wanted to dramatically increase our workforce’s awareness of key initiatives, progress toward goals and important internal communications,” said Patricia Dolan, deputy director of communications at NAVSEA. “We have other ways to get these messages out, but digital signage allows better message recall and comprehension.” Omnivex’s multizone capabilities allow individual screens to show a combination of common and unique content. For example, the content shown in the badge office may include information on the camera phone policy, while a screen near the auditorium may focus on upcoming meetings. However, both screens might show a common message on competency alignment. “Organizations are learning that employee productivity increases significantly when pertinent information is presented to them at strategic locations,” said Jeff Collard, president of Omnivex. “If employees see progress against clearly identified operational goals on large-format displays, then they can make smarter decisions, and everyone rows in the same direction.”

digital signage comes to Navy tech provider