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Digital Signage Certified Experts program to be held at CEDIA Expo 2009

The digital signage Experts Group will hold its digital signage Certified Experts workshop and certification program at this year’s CEDIA Expo, held Sept. 9-13, 2009, in Atlanta, Ga. The expo caters to the home theater installation market. The Expert Certification will be held Wed, Sept. 9.
The workshop is a one-day seminar taught by experts from Brawn Consulting and will allow A/V and IT design and integration professionals exposure the formulas for successful design and deployment, with the goal being significant returns on investment for digital signage rollouts.

As part of the program, attendees will engage in a close examination of what Brawn Consulting has determined are the seven disparate parts of digital signage installations. Basic digital signage design is taught as well as a close look at dedicated hardware, networks, software, signal alternatives, all in connection with infrastructure and integration.

They will also dive into content creation, and analyze digital signage business models from a financial perspective. At the end of the course, all attendees will take an exam to validate their certification. 

The cost per attendee is $495.00. Attendees can register through CEDIA, or the digital signage Experts GroupWeb site.

digital signage Certified Experts program to be held at CEDIA Expo 2009