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Digital signage agency Neo Advertising opens two U.S. offices

TORONTO, Canada — Neo Advertising Inc., a digital OOH network owner in Canada, has established an infrastructure for U.S. operations. As a result of legal restructuring, Neo Advertising Inc. has become part of a new parent company, Neo Advertising North America Holdings Inc (“Neo Advertising NA”), which formed Neo Advertising USA, LLC to lead the holding’s activities in the U.S.

Neo Advertising USA, LLC has set up sales and marketing offices in New York, NY, and a production and operations facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Former CEO of Neo Advertising Inc. Benjamin Mathieu, who has brought the Canadian company to profitability two years after its inception, has been appointed president and CEO of Neo Advertising NA. Christian Vaglio-Giors, founder of Neo Advertising Group and CEO of the holding Neo Media Group, will act as Chairman of the Board.

Phil Tweedy, formerly vice president of operations at Ascent Media, has joined Neo Advertising NA as chief technology officer. Tweedy is an industry pioneer who brings along extensive expertise in building and managing the world’s largest digital signage networks.

“The U.S. market has been in our sights from the very beginning,” says Benjamin Mathieu, CEO of Neo Advertising NA. “We needed time to field-test various business models and establish a solid track record in Canada. We had also dedicated a lot of time and effort to researching the robust market south of the border. We are now confident that we can import Neo’s success story into the United States. Strategically, it is also a good moment for such a move, as entry barriers for real estate acquisitions are lower when the economy slows down.”

Various surveys suggest that digital OOH is one of the few sectors that have been growing despite the recession, while all other media contracted.
According to Benjamin Mathieu, further announcements about Neo Advertising USA, LLC’s progress are to follow later in the year.

Neo Advertising North America Holdings is a business entity owned by Swiss-based Neo Media Group. Neo Media Group is a leading international provider and operator of digital out-of-home networks, and owner of all Neo Advertising companies. Neo Media Group, through its subsidiaries and affiliates, markets and sells air time on 100,000 digital public displays. Neo Advertising operates in Canada, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the U.K.

digital signage agency Neo Advertising opens two U.S. offices