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Digital signage advertising in c-stores shows dramatic sales uplift

HARVARD, Mass. — Digital promo network has announced the preliminary results from a one-year study of point-of-sale sales data collected from their 400-store c-store-centric network, which includes 240 stores equipped with networked digital screens and 140 control stores. The network reaches major and minor DMAs on the east coast. The results measured for advertised products across multiple categories, showed sales increases of up to 88 percent. When averaged, advertised product dollar sales rose 26 percent while product volume increased 18 percent. DPN plans to release actual category data and the applied methodology prior to NACS.
The POS data for products advertised on digital screens was correlated with advertising schedules and then compared with POS data for the same products in control stores. The sales uplift data analysis was made on the largest sample of c-stores to date.
The media network performance results of the study were verified using the advanced proof-of-play reports generated by BroadSign’s software platform that powers DPN’s digital signage network. In late 2007, DPN participated in the first proof-of-play audit test done by Arbitron, which showed a 100 percent accuracy of BroadSign’s proof-of-play logs in the sample stores tested.
DPN owns and operates an in-store digital signage network exclusively in the c-store industry. DPN pioneered development of sophisticated software that automates many of the time-consuming practices and expense associated with operating large scale networks through the use of POS data collected from single stores and chains. The solution allows DPN to report to its clients the effectiveness of the advertising programs and products aired on the in-store displays. DPN’s network currently delivers over 50 million impressions to its advertiser per year and is on the way to double that number by the end of 2008.
“Proof is finally in the numbers,” said Bill Bedortha, vice president of sales at DPN. “This is the first in-depth study of its kind conducted in the c-store market with a large enough sample size and duration to show the effectiveness of in-store digital signage and the incredible material worth of our program. It represents an unprecedented value to our c-store customers and advertisers.”

digital signage advertising in c-stores shows dramatic sales uplift