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Digital menu boards hit Canadian fast-casual eatery

MONTREAL, Canada — Mirada Media, a Canadian digital signage integrator, has announced the installation of a digital menu board system at Wrapcity Gourmet, located in downtown Montréal. The restaurant was fitted with a three-screen system: two for menus and the last as a promotional board.

Two of Mirada Media’s ChannelView Players were set up to serve the content to the screens and, in the future, provide advertising space on the restaurant’s flat-screen televisions. The menu screens themselves are commercial-grade 46-inch LCD monitors with slim bezels to focus on the content and not give patrons the impression they’re looking at TVs.

Digital menu boards are a relatively new concept for the restaurant industry, and, other than some major chains, few restaurants in Canada have any digital signage other than for bathroom advertising. But that could soon change.

Of the many possibilities, the owners of Wrapcity believe digital menu boards will help increase sales by advertising high-margin and featured products and targeting different promotions depending on the time of day. Day-parting, to allow different breakfast and daytime menus, was another feature only made possible by going digital.

Wrapcity can also add, change or remove menu items with relative ease. Via a Web interface custom-designed by Mirada Media programmers, restaurant managers can modify items on the fly to test different price points or correct their initial estimates — something that would be almost impossible and very costly with a static menu.

Wrapcity is planning to extend their chain of restaurants to two new locations in Quebec’s Laval and West Island later this year.