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Digital billboards hit the Caribbean with Scala

Scala certified partner FSi Creative, in tandem with technology partner Formetco Inc., announced today that they have unveiled what thay call the first widescreen digital billboard screen in the Eastern Caribbean, driven solely by Scala’s digital signage software.

The 10/20 MM Outdoor LED screen, which went live commercially as an advertising platform on Aug. 22 on the Caribbean island of Dominica, is running on Scala 5 software.

“We expect both Caribbean operators of digital signage platforms, as well as advertisers, to showdigital billboardconsiderable more interest in digital outdoor through 2011 and 2012,” Kenny Green of FSi said in the announcement.

One of the main reasons for the expected uplift in interest by the public is the fact that LED billboards can run a rich variety of moving content, when combined with the usage of Scala software. This functionality will make the LED billboards stand out above the current static signs, the company said.

“We have tested the platform for a month before it went live officially. One of the reasons we have tested the installation for this period is that we wanted to make sure we had compiled the best mix of supported content and advertisements,” Josiah James, lead Scala technician at FSi, said in the announcement.

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