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DigiSHOW digital signage adds Quividi audience targeting

Future Software, a U.K.-based manufacturer of digital signage products, has integrated Quividi’s VidiReports audience-measurement application with its DigiSHOW product range.
Future Software is able to provide customers with a full reporting suite of audience data so that operators can demonstrate the effectiveness of a DOOH campaign. Viewer demographic, attention time, dwell time and ‘opportunity to see’ (number of potential viewers and aggregated footfall in front of a given screen) are provided in chart form or as tabular reports.
The DigiSHOW digital signage platform also can be tailored to trigger specific content on predetermined events.
DigiSHOW products are used by a wide range of customers from call centers to retail, from corporate to education. DigiSHOW is scalable for single screen applications up to large multinational networks.
“Many of our developments are in (the) retail environment, and it is important to advertisers that their messages are seen by a target demographic,” said Chris Fulton, managing director of Future Software. “We can now schedule content based on the dominant demographic in a store over a particular period.”

digital signage adds Quividi audience targeting