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Digicom: Over half of U.K. residents have seen digital signage in past year

LONDON — In May 2009, through leading research company GfK, Digicom surveyed a nationwide sample of 1,005 U.K. adults 16 years and older on their exposure to, and perceptions of, digital advertising screens.
Across the whole of the U.K., 54 percent of respondents had seen digital ad screens in the past 12 months. The figure was higher for young people, with 73 percent of 16-24 year old seeing such screens. Predictably, the geographical area with the highest score was London, with 77 percent of respondents claiming exposure. Of those seeing digital ad screens, 64 percent believe that digital advertising screens can improve a shopping environment. Again the figure for young people is higher, with 86 percent of 16-24 year olds agreeing. Finally, 78 percent of respondents agree that digital advertising screens can make the advertised brand or product seem attractive.

digital signage in past year