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Destination Media launches C-Store TV

DETROIT — Destination Media has announced the launch of the C-Store TV network in top U.S. media markets.

C-Store TV initially launches in Boston, New York and Los Angeles with 100 new locations. Following the launch in these three cities, C-Store TV will be installed in other leading markets across the country. 

C-Store TV currently offers programming from sister network Gas Station TV and will soon feature unique content. C-Store TV programming will run on 32- to 37-inch LCD screens by LG Electronics, located in key high-traffic areas throughout the store such as near check-out and above beverage coolers and coffee stations.

In addition to the C-Store TV launch, Gas Station TV expands into the Orlando market this week and will be in Phoenix and Seattle by early fall, increasing the network’s presence to 22 DMAs. As Gas Station TV continues to acquire new markets, C-Store TV will align expansion with an equally aggressive rollout plan.

Gas Station TV offers Nielsen Media Research-verified viewership, demographics, dwell time, network size and recall data, and that same process will be applied to C-Store TV.