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Denny's signs deal for restaurant DOOH media

DALLAS — IndoorDIRECT has announced that it has signed an agreement with Denny’s, one of America’s largest full-service family restaurant chains, to provide theBITE Network in its restaurant locations beginning early in 2009. Program content of theBITE Network is a combination of entertainment and advertising tailored to reach the 202 million Americans who visit quick-serve and fast-casual restaurants each month. TheBITE features a new 60-minute lifestyle program every week with four dynamic hosts reporting on news, entertainment, music and sports.

Denny’s will also collaborate with indoorDIRECT to bring its Rockstar Menu to life for its guests through content featured on theBITE.

“This is significant expansion for theBITE Network because it marks the first implementation with a full-service restaurant company that has large dining rooms and waiting areas where more people can view the program,” said Michael Winton, president and co-founder of indoorDIRECT. “Since indoorDIRECT introduced theBITE in November 2008, it has been airing in quick-serve restaurants in multiple states.”

Known for its breakfasts served around the clock, Denny’s restaurants offer portable, shareable, affordable meals available 24/7 at most locations. Through the “Adopt-a-Band” program, Denny’s sponsors rock bands to eat on the road for free and has hosted after-hours parties at local Denny’s Restaurants, which became the foundation for the Rockstar Menu.

TheBITE Network will provide two programming loops for Denny’s.
“During the day and evening, theBITE will show entertaining content that appeals to a variety of ages,” said Bill Myers, chief operating officer and co-founder of indoorDIRECT, “During the late shift the content will be edgier to attract the attention of the late-night crowds. Denny’s views theBITE Network as enhancing its brand with the entire range of customers that it serves.”

“TheBITE Network in our restaurants is great entertainment that represents an additional value to our customers, whether they are families enjoying a meal together or those who are eating after a night on the town,” said Mark Chmiel, chief marketing officer of Denny’s. “And theBITE will help us bring to life our marketing initiatives, such as our Rockstar Menu.”