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Delphi Display, Allure Global partner for digital menu boards, order confirmation signage

ATLANTA — Allure Global Solutions Inc. has announced a partnership with Delphi Display Systems Inc. to deliver integrated outdoor digital menu boards and order confirmation displays for the restaurant industry.
Allure Global’s digital signage networks are designed to influence customer purchasing behavior and maximize restaurant revenues. The company can integrate its digital media offerings with POS software to maximize efficiency and marketing effectiveness in restaurant environments. Its digital media content for drive-thru menu boards can be centrally managed along with in-store menu displays for a streamlined solution and a consistent look and feel.
Delphi Display Systems Inc. is a manufacturer of rugged, sunlight-readable LCD technology for outdoor use. One of its primary solutions includes drive-thru order confirmation systems (OCS), which it provides for nationwide chains such as McDonald’s, Jack-in-the-Box, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, KFC, Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s. The partnership with Allure Global will deliver integrated digital media content on Delphi Display Systems’ QSR solutions.
digital signage is proven to be more effective than static signage in driving QSR sales,” said Ken Neeld, president and CEO for Delphi Display Systems. “Our partnership with Allure Global will play on the strengths of both companies to bring high-quality, reliable digital media to restaurants that helps showcase new menu items, special promotions and most importantly, ensures the accuracy of the customer order.”
According to Delphi Display Systems, errors in the drive-thru can hurt profits and leave a bad impression with customers. Delphi Order Confirmation System Displays help customers confirm what they order and provide a running total of the order. From a restaurant perspective, this enables customers to know how much (more) they can spend. They are typically positioned near the menu board to be viewed as part of the ordering process. The Delphi OCS Display can also be used to display graphics of new or promoted items to customers positioned at the critical purchase point. Allure Global’s digital media content solutions will be offered in partnership with Delphi Display Systems, including:
  • Digital Menu Boards and Order Confirmation System Displays — designed to help restaurant operators increase sales, reduce merchandising costs and increase guest awareness. Allure Global’s flexible components enable the use of motion-graphic marketing messages, all managed through a central server. Menu board and OCS Display content can be integrated with an existing POS system.
  • Digital Product Merchandisers — enhances retail merchandising, marketing, spot promotions and advertising with high-impact motion graphics. The Allure Global solution helps increase sales and reduces operating expenses with a completely Web-based application and POS integration.