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Delivering Digital customizes content management software for digital signage

LONDON, England — Delivering Digital has launched a new software service to enable the next generation of digital out of home networks. Delivering Digital says its philosophy is all about customization — taking generic CMS platforms and making them work for real-world digital signage networks.

The digital signage Industry is entering its next phase of development. As initial pilots become major rollouts, network operators are fast moving away from infrastructure and technology concerns — and are instead focusing on mechanisms that help them manage their rapidly scaling content and media sales needs.

Delivering Digital initially worked with EnQii Media to enable companies like Pharmacy Channel, CCN & Vision TV adapt the EnQii Remote Transfer system to their specific and unique workflow requirements.

Since working with the EnQii platform, Delivering Digital have helped TravelTV build a front-end Web portal for TravelTV on the Acquire CMS platform, enabling non-technical staff in independent travel agents to input their own media messaging, manage their playlists and run their individual screens. They have enabled the Esprit Digital Image Flow application (automating the creation of playlists for synchronized content along digital escalator systems) and are releasing software to support both Digital View’s RP-500 and the Dynamax CMS platform.

The company is currently also working on a range of modules that will support different custom functions for general use on the Scala platform.

“The major software providers know that as networks scale, media companies want software that works specifically for them”, said Martin Ayrton, Delivering Digital’s CTO, “That’s why they offer the APIs that enable us to adapt their generic off-the-shelf CMS systems. This provides their customers the flexibility to do things like access different playlist elements, brand the systems as their own, archive content and manage their media sales inventory efficiently.”

“I watched how these guys enabled one of our network customers to scale their operations from 50 to 500 screens in under a year,” said Richard Cobbold, managing director of Digital View. “The systems they created not only kept the wheels on, but actually enabled the company to keep its staff levels constant. We are now extremely excited to be working with them to develop custom interfaces — uniquely branded to each customer — for our new RP-500 player.”

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