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Danoo finds high DOOH audience engagement through Arbitron study

SAN FRANCISCO — Danoo, a digital out-of-home media company that delivers informative and entertaining content to consumers through a network of Web-connected LCD screens, announced the results of its first Arbitron Media Research study. The study revealed high levels of audience engagement, with 84 percent of people who reported noticing the screens verifying that they spent time watching the content. Danoo’s high-definition screens reach 15 million viewers every month in their favorite break places, such as coffeehouses, cafés and upscale delis.
The recent Arbitron study also found that 78 percent of respondents felt Danoo was a “good thing” to offer in venues and 72 percent thought the content was “entertaining.” The study was conducted within the guidelines of the newly developed Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau (OVAB) metrics for the digital out-of-home industry, making Danoo one of the first networks to release new data compliant with these guidelines. The guidelines make the results of digital out-of-home advertising easily measurable and comparable to other media types.

Danoo digital out-of-home media in NYC

“Out-of-home media vehicles such as Danoo are creating new advertising inventory to replace traditional media impressions lost through audience fragmentation and commercial-avoidance technologies,” said Diane Williams, senior analyst with Arbitron Media Research. “Of course, in order for an out-of-home digital network to be effective, it has to be seen. Arbitron found that a majority of customers in the high traffic coffeehouses tested not only noticed the Danoo screen, but actively watched the programming and ads.”

The Arbitron research focused on audience reaction to on-screen ad campaigns, including one for the Sony Pictures feature film “Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.”  Most significantly, the study determined that viewers’ intent to see the movie more than doubled, from 19 to 45 percent. Results also indicated that one in four viewers recalled the ad, and all people responding to the survey were six times more likely to name “Nick and Norah” as a newly released movie.
“Our mission at Danoo is to help people connect better with the world around them,” said Aileen Lee, Danoo’s chief executive officer. “The Arbitron results show that Danoo’s careful selection of venues and focus on localized, digital content that’s useful and entertaining to the ‘coffeehouse generation’ have built something that really works for viewers, venue owners and advertisers.” 
In two Danoo research studies tracking recent campaigns for the Fox Networks television shows “Fringe” and “House,” the company found similar levels of audience engagement. Advertisements on Danoo’s network drove a 50-percent increase in aided awareness for the new show “Fringe,” and intent to view nearly tripled (from seven percent to 19 percent) among people watching the screen. Even with an already-popular show like “House,” Danoo’s advertisements drove a 25-percent increase in intent to watch among their audiences.   Danoo also announced that its network now includes more than 1,000 screens in venues in leading media markets such as Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco. Locally based city editors ensure that all Danoo programming remains relevant for each venue and city, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with the audience to provide the information they want and need.
“One of the unique benefits of Danoo’s network is the density of screens in the most influential areas of top markets,” said Lee. “For instance, with more than 350 screens in Manhattan, advertisers can really move the needle with an on-the-go, affluent and influential audience that is otherwise hard to reach.”
Danoo has also worked with clients such as Capital One, Citibank, Emirates Airlines, LiveNation and Verizon.
“Danoo’s early success has been built on identifying where the screens will be best received and providing authentic, localized programming,” said Doug Scott, Danoo’s vice president of marketing. “As the network continues to grow, we are developing deeper audience engagement with Danoo screens through enhanced interactive features — all to better connect the coffeehouse generation with the world around them, and to better connect advertisers with the coffeehouse generation.”