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Daktronics, Samsung New Year's digital marketing promo a success

BROOKINGS, S.D. — New Year’s Eve partiers in Times Square this past year had the opportunity to take part in a campaign from Samsung, which involved sending personal messages to a tower of LED displays manufactured by Daktronics Inc.

This year, Keyframe, a creative service division of Daktronics, partnered with Cheil USA Inc. to conduct an interactive marketing campaign for Samsung in Times Square from Dec. 26 through Dec. 30. Two full-service marketing agencies who specialize in creating interactive experiences in high-traffic areas took to the Times Square streets where they interacted with the public.

Snapshots accompanied with personal holiday greetings and messages of participants in Times Square were fed to the Daktronics-manufactured Samsung spectacular LED display located on tower Two Times Square.

“With our street teams out there promoting Samsung’s Share Hope program, we gave people an opportunity to enhance their holiday experience,” said Michelle Son, director, Cheil USA Inc.

In addition, Keyframe captured footage of the New Year’s Eve crowd from the top of Tower Two Times Square. A Keyframe operator sent the live video feed to the Samsung spectacular display inside Two Times Square using Daktronics Venus control software. The operator monitored the live feeds and periodically switched to Venus and other pre-made content, providing a unique, personal experience for all in attendance. Daktronics Keyframe designs innovative, award-winning digital content for some of Daktronics’ most famous Times Square installations.

Daktronics’ LED spectacular display systems entertain and inform audiences both in Times Square and around the world on a daily basis. Most notably, the company’s pioneering LED technology is showcased with the Coca-Cola display in Times Square with its 3-D design and 2.6 million LEDs, to the 70-foot-tall Anheuser- Busch display positioned in the middle of One Times Square, one of the most internationally recognized hotspots during New Year’s Eve.