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CQ Media's HyperSign named 'Most Innovative New Digital Signage Solution' by rAVe DS

CQ Media Networks, a S.C.-based technology development company, unveiled its HyperSign product at the digital signage Expo in March, and it was immediately recognized by rAVe DS as the most innovative new digital signage solution, the company said in a recent statement.

Congratulations to HyperSign who has literally made it possible for ANYONE to design DS content. By allowing PowerPoint templates, RSS Feeds, video and graphics to be uploaded directly to the HyperSign application via the Web (SaaS), HyperSign has the best new SIMPLY signage software app. – we see this as the perfect K-12 and small business solution where you don’t have a dedicated graphics team to your DS applications. (rAVe DS – March 23, 2010)

CQ Media says its software-as-a-service (SaaS) product simply and seamlessly delivers HD-quality content to multiple endpoints and can be deployed in minutes, not hours or days like other similar products.

“HyperSign was developed in response to our customers who were seeking a low-cost digital signage solution that does not require extensive training or network configuration,” said Neil Willis, founder and CEO of CQ Media Networks. “We designed a SaaS model that allows the end-user to utilize RSS feeds, Powerpoint presentations and graphic images and drop them into pre-zoned templates. The published content is updated almost immediately via our hosted server. Also, we decided to offer this as a subscription as opposed to the license fees normally charged by other digital signage solutions. This will allow schools, churches, small businesses and others to afford what has previously only been accessible by large enterprise. digital signage could not be any easier.”

digital signage Solution' by rAVe DS