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ConnectedSign opens digital signage showroom at Pa. headquarters

LITITZ, Pa. — ConnectedSign, an integrator of digital signage systems, has announced the opening of its Solutions Showroom for digital signage and interactive kiosks.   “The purpose of the showroom is to display all types of equipment and software solutions in a real-world environment,” said Loren Bucklin, ConnectedSign president. “We have standard displays, projection and touchscreens running in all orientations and displaying every kind of content. Content is displayed for all types of markets so visitors can see what is possible within their market or industry. The database-driven content is dynamic and helps visitors understand the full scope of usage.”
PHOTO GALLERY:ConnectedSign opens digital signage showroom
Hardware and software vendors are invited to display their latest products and use the showroom to demonstrate to customers instead of trying to arrange inconvenient site visits of live installations.ConnectedSign’s Solution Showroom is centrally located and served by several major airports and Amtrak.
Included as part of the floor plan are working office spaces for customers and travelling vendors. Vendors can arrange visits with their customers and use the office space while on the road. digital signage customers can visit the showroom to view all the possibilities and attend an educational seminar that explains not just the parts and pieces, but the actual deployment scenario that may be right for them.
“We have long had the need for a location that functions as a showroom/meeting facility and even training for small groups,” said Roger Starkweather, ConnectedSign business development manager. “Whether it’s a single customer or a team looking at a large deployment, nothing beats actually seeing a live installation, being able to comfortably go behind the scenes, touch the wiring and hardware and watch the process of content input and updating.”

digital signage showroom at Pa. headquarters