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Colleges using NV3 phone-charging kiosks

Auburn University, the University of Alaska, the University of Miami and Towson University have each deployed NV3 Technologies cellphone- and tablet-charging kiosks on their campuses. The kiosks also have an option for remotely-managed digital signage.

The NTC Floor Model Kiosk can charge up to 12 devices simultaneously, is 73 inches high and 30 inches wide. The dual-screen base unit comes with a 19-inch HD LCD screen on top and a 32-inch HD LCD screen on the bottom. Media content is powered by an internal flash drive media player for the top and bottom screens to display media content.

The NTC 1912, NV3’s Desktop Charging Kiosk, which can also charge up to 12 devices simultaneously, boasts a 19-inch Wide LCD screen with an optional touchscreen. It weighs only 50 pounds.

Thomas Sparrow of Auburn Alabama, a vendor who placed cell-phone charging kiosks inside Auburn’s Jordan Hare Stadium, has been pleased with the following the product has been able to attract.

“Inside Jordan-Hare stadium where the 2010 BCS National Championship Auburn Tigers play, students and fans are constantly using their mobile devices to update friends on the game, post messages via twitter and Facebook, or track scores from games around the country and with that having low batteries on their devices,” he said. “With the thousands of visitors to the 87,000-seat Jordan-Hare stadium for every home game, this helps provide an excellent customer service amenity to fans and provides an additional revenue opportunity to the vendor and school.”

Towson University and University of Alaska have deployed NTC 32 floor models, while Auburn University and the University of Miami are using desktop models.

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