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ClearOne opens up MagicBox

Communications and entertainment solutions company ClearOne today announced its acquisition of digital signage firm MagicBox Inc. The company said the acquisition is a part of its broader strategy to capitalize on emerging market opportunities as audio-video, information technology, unified communications and traditional digital signage converge to meet enterprise and commercial multimedia needs.

Salt Lake City-based ClearOne’s Chairman and CEO, Zee Hakimoglu, made the claim in the announcement that the two companies’ combined expertise “brings to the market the only complete, end-to-end digital signage content management and IP streaming solution.”

Privately-held MagicBox, headquartered in Corvallis, Ore., and founded in 1995, designs, develops and markets a variety of hardware and software solutions to deliver digital content and information to digital displays. And Hakimoglu said MagicBox’s digital signage content management and control platform and its database-integration software “are the perfect complements to ClearOne’s StreamNet systems.”

According to the announcement, the acquisition presents both companies with new global market opportunities and accelerated product development. It also brings economies of scale to MagicBox, which will be leveraged to execute go-to-market strategies.

“MagicBox and ClearOne have complementary products for a broad spectrum of applications,” said Tom Searcy, founder of MagicBox, in the announcement. “One of the single-most challenging requirements for any digital signage provider is the ability to distribute content over a wide-area network while maintaining control and scheduling alignment. StreamNet technology delivers low-latency HD distribution over IP which is a perfect fit with MagicBox’s content creation, scheduling, database integration and digital signage domain expertise.”

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