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ChyTV digital signage selected for K-12 emergency alert messaging

PLANO, Texas — SchoolView Technologies LLC, a software provider of advanced control applications for K-12 schools, announced a strategic partnership with ChyTV for the implementation of its emergency alert and digital signage software modules.
SchoolView Technologies CampusSV Emergency Alert software module provides for the simultaneous broadcast via IP of a video emergency alert or drill message such as lockdown, weather and fire to all projectors and video displays in the classroom and throughout the campus.
By incorporating Chyron video graphics devices for microcasting, alert messaging and digital signage displays, CampusSV software can communicate directly with the ChyTV Plus Digital Media Player to provide a customized crawl message in addition to the selected alert or drill.
A message can be easily added from the SchoolView Touch Panel or via a secure Web Interface.
“The enhancements provided by the ChyTV Plus through its incorporation with our CampusSV software adds significant value through increased functionality which is achieved in an efficient, timely and user friendly manner,” said Michael A. Yonks, president of SchoolView Technologies.
Once the Emergency Alert messaging has been triggered through a push of a button and entering a pass code, the system will automatically power on all displays that are off and any projector or flat panel in use will be interrupted and will display the appropriate alert or drill message. After the alert or drill has concluded, an “All Clear” message will be displayed.

digital signage selected for K-12 emergency alert messaging